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Established in December 2021, Spice Flo Exports Private Limited is self-driven Import-Export Business house of multiple products based on needs and requirement of some important industries. Simultaneously, we enhance and research about the new products and services for other industries to grow our business into another level. Spice Flo provides and give solution for all types of products of different nature with highest quality and grade. Spice Flo is sister concern venture of Spice Logistics Inc. (Indianapolis, USA) which deals with multiple products likes of all types of metal Scrap, Tires, Glasses, Leather, Apparel and many more.


Our vision is continuing addition of more products in our business portfolios, so that we can serve and meet the requirement of the industries. This will help us reach to our target business.


Our long-term Goal is to become one stop solution and to be competitive trading house.

Our Values

We believe our employees are our family. Therefore, we prioritize work-life balance where we create an environment where employees feel connected to the organization and have a positive work experience that’s part of a rich, fulfilling life. Development of all the employees is also our major concern by creating a career pathway which will make them feel belongingness.

We offer highest quality of customer services with products of strict standards

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